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Worldwide Pet Relocations

Through our wide network of reliable Pet Handling partners, we are able to provide full Door to Door services with complete assurance of your pet’s health and safety.

Our experts certify that your pet travels to its destination with 100% comfort.

Export Customs Clearance

Any pet leaving the country must go through the process of clearance for it to successfully leave the country. Necessary documents are checked (for instance documents are checked to see if customs duty is fully paid with approval of the export) and are prepared to make this happen.

In other words, it is the ‘permission’ granted to allow the pet/s to begin their journey- it is the green light given that all the paper work is available and accurate. An Airway Bill must be provided at the point of customs clearance.

Official Documentation

  • An Approved Export Permit- with all the required documents we apply for both Export and import permits for your pet. The required scanned documents include:
  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Pet Microchip Certificate
  • Vaccination Certificate or Pet Passport
  • Your Passport Copy
  • Import Permit
  • An Approved Import Permit

Import Customs Clearance

Any pet arriving into the country must also go through the process of clearance for it to successfully be accepted into the country. Here, necessary documents like an approved import permit must be shown at point of clearance as well as all the Pet Documents.

Collection and Delivery

We provide convenient and reliable pet transport services where your pets are either collected from your home (or any other preferred area like the vet’s) and taken to the airport or collected from the airport after customs clearance and are taken directly to their required destination using the shortest possible route and in good health.  We ensure that the pet being delivered has a journey with the lowest stress level.

Domestic pet relocation

Pets are collected from your home and are relocated to the new address, either by road or by air with our best services that ensure your pet has everything it needs for a safe journey. Again, this is a success after all the Pet documents are available.

Custom built IATA Approved export wooden kennels

Customized from high quality plywood, these wooden kennels are designed to fit in over-sized animals so they have enough room to turn about normally while standing and to lie in a natural position.

These kennels are made after the dimensions for your pet are noted down where it is ensured that there is enough ventilation going in and out of the kennel to prevent suffocation. They are then fully equipped with a vet bed, water container/feeding trays and a funnel that is attached from the outside to allow liquids to be transferred into the water container without actually opening the kennel.

However, the vet bed provided for your pet is in fact bedding that they are familiar with, allowing them to travel with a recognized scent; this greatly reduces the levels of stress through the journey.

IATA Approved export plastic kennels

These well ventilated and well equipped kennels are facilitated after knowing the dimensions of your pet to ensure the right size of kennel is used and to avoid discomfort that can lead to stress. Charges vary for different sized kennels.



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