Our Facilities


Without being professionally facilitated, our services would go in vain. In other words, your pet’s comfort is our number one priority. We completely understand how delicate your family pets are and therefore comfort begins from the time our eyes land on your pet(s) till the moment they are set to go (they could be handed over to their owners or flying to a destination outside the country).

Transportation is vital when we transport your pet as most of them get stressed during rides which can lead to sudden disasters. Our quality vans are well equipped as they are designed to fit a wide set of needs that fully guarantee a relaxed and shortest possible journey; journeys may include when we collect your pet from your home or a specific place, when we drive your pet to the airport on the day of departure.


Moreover, our drivers are skilled and have a keen understanding of what pets must be transported with extreme care (especially petit animals like pugs), where lighting is perfect and temperature is also adjusted to best fit the animal’s comfort to prevent heat strokes; temperature does vary for different sized and species of animals. They are kept warm during the cold seasons and are shaded during the hot seasons.

Medical and dietary care

Some pets need special medical and dietary care- we do it! We ensure your pet doesn’t have to miss its daily required medication or have any interference with its daily meals due to travelling. We certify that their daily walks are provided, with necessary meals given on time- if we have your pet with us.

Intense animal lovers at our workplace usually tend to volunteer to accompany animals through their journey to ensure they have minimum or no stress at all, as we know some animals get paranoid when kept in new surroundings; they are reminded that it’s all know.


As your pet is on the go, our staffs keep you updated on their where about; for instance when your pet has arrived the airport and what procedure will be occurring next, how long will your pet be in transit before it boards the flight and the estimated time it shall arrive to its destination.